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Vitamin D deficiency and your Health

  |  Chris

VitaminD1ViVitaminDtamin D is the one and only vitamin synthesized in the body and it’s also one of the most important ones. It is synthesized when a large area of skin is exposed to the sunlight. The UVB rays from the sun when comes in contact with our skin start to form vitamin d3 which is an extremely essential nutrient to our body. Ordinarily is it said that 30 minutes of sun exposure daily will make enough vitamin d for our bodies to function properly. However in this modern day lifestyle we don’t usually get as much sunlight needed which is why it is believed that 70% of the worlds’ population are vitamin d deficient. The vitamin d helps the human body to sustain its normal metabolism to maintain healthy bodily functions and makes the bones stronger by preserving healthy calcium and phosphorous blood levels.

Researchers have continued to study the effect that vitamin d deficiency has on the body and the serious consequences it could have on your health.

Symptoms of Vitamin D Deficiency

Some of the symptoms of vitamin d deficiency are the same as a deficiency of potassium such muscle weakness and bone pain. So while it is difficult to analyze the deficiency of vitamin d without blood work, it is vital because the body without sufficient levels exposes you to high risk and can degrade your bodys immune system making you prone to diseases like cancer and type 2 diabetes. Though, there could be other reasons for these diseases as well one can only be sure that vitamin d helps to fight these diseases. Low levels of vitamin d can expose your body to the following:

  • Increased risk of death from cardiovascular disease
  • Cognitive impairment in older adults
  • Severe asthma in children
  • Cancer/Breast Cancer
  • Hypertension & Depression
  • Osteoporosis & Osteomalacia
  • Multiple Sclerosis & Rickets
  • Parathyroid & Obesity

Causes of Vitamin D Deficiency in the Body

  • Low vitamin consumption

Vegetarians who do not eat animal meat, fish, beef liver or egg yolk have low levels of Vitamin D.

  • Reduced Exposure to Sunlight

Due to the busy modern lifestyle less exposure to sun lowers the level of Vitamin D in the body.

  • Darker Skin

Those who have increased melanin pigments in the skin reduce the formation of Vitamin D even after exposure to UVB rays.

  • Kidneys not converting Vitamin to its active form

Usually in older people the kidney becomes less effective at converting Vitamin D to its active form.

  • Digestive tract not adequately absorbing Vitamin D

Certain medical conditions cause the digestive tract to lose its ability to absorb Vitamin D from food.

  • Obesity

Excess body fat absorbs the Vitamin D3 from the blood and causes a deficiency in the body.


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