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Benefits of Vitamin D and its impact on Weight-Loss

  |  Chris

Vitamin D3 is a valuable and crucial nutrient and is vital for healthy bones, immunity and many other biological functions in the body. Unfortunately, a large percentage of the population does not get enough of this highly important vitamin.
Vitamin D
Vitamin D is produced in the human body, yet many of us have a deficiency because in most cases the body simply doesn’t produce enough. We produce vitamin D when we’re exposed to UVB radiation from sunlight. This essential vitamin is then synthesized by our skin, taken directly to the liver and then kidneys to be transformed into active Vitamin D. The problem is, most people wear sunscreen or stay out of the sun to avoid harmful rays; rightfully so, however this causes Vitamin D deficiency. Lacking vitamin D can cause severe consequences because it’s required for many important bodily functions. Researchers’ have shown that humans need much more vitamin D than our body’s can produce due to current indoor modern lifestyles. Concern for deficiency has prompted many to use supplements of this crucial nutrient, very commonly used and prescribed by doctors as well.
Health Benefits
Vitamin D supplementation can be used to meet the minimum required level of this vital nutrient. The supplement has become very popular in recent years due to research validating its need in many important biological functions:

  •  Helps to boost immunity in the body, thus fighting disease
  •  Regulates the absorption of calcium and phosphorus
  •  Helps to prevent multiple sclerosis and keep bones healthy
  •  Helps to prevent rickets in children and osteoporosis in adults
  •  Protects the body against diabetes and excess fat
  •  Fights against heart disease and cancer
  •  Higher levels of vitamin D reduces the symptoms of mild depression

Even with this impressive list, 40-75% of people across the globe are expected to be vitamin D deficient because they are simply not aware of the problem, and this includes many physicians being uninformed. Omega Soul Research now offers this necessary supplement to help improve your health and assist your weight-loss efforts.inspiring image 35
Weight-loss Impacts
In addition to the health benefits listed above, Vitamin D has another major plus, it can help you to lose weight. It assists the body in retaining lean muscle mass so that you’re better able to perform physically, which may help shed fat and unwanted pounds. Researchers also believe that large amounts of vitamin D can boost your metabolism, enabling utilization of stored fat thereby reducing the excess in your body. People who suffer from obesity tend to have a lower level of vitamin D because excess body fat traps it which results in a shortage, and then lower levels open the door for a multitude of health problems. So it seems this vital nutrient is not only crucial for many bodily functions, it can also help your weight-loss efforts as well. With all this going for it, isn’t it time you saw the benefits of this crucial nutrient? Get your Omega Soul Vitamin D3 5000 today and kick your body trimming and healthier living efforts into high gear.



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