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What is The VIP Review Club?

  |  Chris

Omega Soul is continuously adding new all-natural products to our product catalog. As a VIP Club member we are excited to offer you the opportunity to purchase a new Omega Soul product for the low price of $1. That’s right $1, there are no additional charges and Omega Soul will never bill you for a product you did not purchase!

This offer is time sensitive and product promotion may be limited. If you have not already signed up for the VIP Rewards Club, sign up now. -> Click Here


Guidelines to Participate in the VIP Review Club

  • VIP member must provide a previous review of any Omega Soul Product.
  • The product that you are requesting to receive for the $1 promotion Cannot be a product that you have already reviewed.
  • The VIP member agrees upon receiving the $1 product coupon code to provide an unbiased review of the product and customer service. He/she will email with the link to verify customer feedback.
  • Once Omega Soul has received your customer feedback, we will send you an additional coupon for 30% off your next purchase.

The Omega Soul product catalog Click Here.

If you have any questions about the VIP Review Club Guidelines, please feel free to contact the Omega Soul Nutrition Team at .


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