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Colon Cleansers-What's the Deal?

  |  Chris
Colon cleansers have been around for a long time and have fallen in and out of favor. They're now having a resurgence due to their assistance with weight-loss. In addition to helping lose the pounds, colon cleansers also rid the body of unwanted and  undigested waste and clean out the bowel, leading to better nutrient absorption. By allowing better absorption the body can receive the vital nutrients it needs to speed up metabolism and increase energy, which in turn may help ...
Vitamin D3 is a valuable and crucial nutrient and is vital for healthy bones, immunity and many other biological functions in the body. Unfortunately, a large percentage of the population does not get enough of this highly important vitamin. Vitamin D Vitamin D is produced in the human body, yet many of us have a deficiency because in most cases the body simply doesn’t produce enough. We produce vitamin D when we're exposed to UVB radiation from sunlight. This essential v...
In the United States of America 30% of our citizens are considered obese and 6 out of 10 say they want to lose weight. With so many people wanting to lose weight, it’s time to stop wanting and start doing and the beginning of the doing process starts with changing your lifestyle. A dramatic change is not necessary, it’s just a slight adjustment to how you’re doing things now. Millions have tried and few have succeeded, so let's not try anymore of the same old starvation...

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