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Yoga exercise Courses Versus Yoga Videos: The Argument

  |  Sarah Fields


If you’re about to begin with yoga, you might be wondering whether you should take part in yoga exercise classes or whether yoga exercise video clips would be the better fit for you. There are plenty of methods of yoga to get you started, it’s just a matter of personal preference so thinking about the advantages and disadvantages of each will certainly permit you to make an informed decision. Lets spend some time to understand the key points that you should think about as you make this choice.

The Time Element

First you have to think about the time commitment. It is evident that a lot of people in this day and age are leading really hectic lifestyles and typically don’t have time to make the commute to a workshop to participate in yoga classes. Whether they have children at home that require attention or the workshop itself is just out of the realm of possibility, this makes yoga exercise online videos the best option. With these, you can do them whenever it is convenient for you right in your own home. Getting up first thing in the early morning for example, allows you to start off your day knowing you’ve done something favorable for your body and minimizes the risk that anything else precludes that session from your day.

Yoga Video Versus Yoga ClassesThe Comfort Factor

Some individuals are merely more private in nature and would choose to do their yoga in privacy as opposed to in a big class of people. Yoga exercise online videos suit this preference very well. While you may be able to find yoga courses that only have 4 to 5 participants, in most cases you’ll be with 10 or more people per class. For some, this is just more people than they would certainly prefer.

The Social Variable

Finally, the last element to think about in the debate concerning yoga exercise classes versus yoga exercise videos is the social aspect. This is one place where yoga exercise classes do stick out over yoga video clips. If you’re somebody who prefers working out among others or you are someone that feels they need that inspiration from doing their yoga exercise with a larger team of people then classes will be the way to go. 

Furthermore, if you find that you aren’t quite obtaining the appropriate posture placements after doing a couple of sessions with your yoga exercise videos, it can also be a smart move to take a class or two so that you can get the instructor’s knowledge to better your positions before going back to the yoga exercise video clips once again.

So there you have the key points to think about as you choose whether to make use of yoga online videos or participate in yoga exercise courses. Think about time dedication, exactly what atmosphere you’re most comfortable in, and whether you prefer the additional social atmosphere for inspirational or training assistance. Don’t forget that you don’t always have to decide on one or the other, both could possibly be integrated into your workout routine.

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