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Weight-Loss Nemesis The Scale

  |  Chris

The scale is one of the single biggest reasons for weight-loss failure due to disappointment, discouragement and being duped by the readings. Because we are an instant access society, we love scales—they provide an immediate answer, which turns out to be instant regret most of the time. The scale can actually be a deterrent to your continuing efforts at weight-loss and living a healthier lifestyle. One of the problems with depending on the scale to rate your success is the fact that the scale does not determine whether or not you’re burning fat. It is possible to actually see proof in the mirror of a slimmer better you without any actual weight-loss. This is because you may actually gain muscle (if you’re working out) and lose fat. So Stay off the Scales! Remember a good attitude and positive mindset are the best tools for your weight-loss success!

Scale Jumpers
Scale jumper is a term that describes those of us who hop on and off the scales daily. No good can come from checking your weight daily, or even every few days. Doing this will only serve to create doubt in your mind as to whether or not your efforts have been fruitful. The scale readings aren’t going to change that quickly, so save the scale for a longer term goal. There are better ways to track your progress than the ever present, always disappointing scale.
Ifinspiring image 30 you’re using supplements from Omega Soul™ to burn fat one of the best ways to track your progress is the tape measure. Because the supplements prevent fat cells from forming and burn your fat for energy instead of lean muscle, you will see inches off your physique before actual weight-loss or numbers on the scale. You can track your inches over all parts of your body with the tape measure, which is great because you can see those hard to slim areas disappear slowly but surely. So celebrate your successes by standing in front of the mirror with that outfit of yester year and seeing how nicely you look now. Those old jeans may not come back in style but they will fit again!
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The Myth: Muscle Weighs more than Fat
Just so we are all on the same page, it has been a long standing myth that lean muscle weighs more than fat, let me be the first to tell you it does not. That’s simply a rationale that makes the numbers on the scale easier to bear. Here’s the deal, lean muscle is exactly that “lean” and dense; whereas fat is a free floating jelly like substance, so the scale didn’t lie; you weigh what you weigh. Of course those of us with a higher fat percentage to lean muscle ratio will appear overweight regardless of what the scale says. So keeping your muscle lean and toned, and taking supplements from Omega Soul to help you burn the fat will give you that slim physique we’re all striving for.
The old bathroom scale is becoming almost obsolete as we have learned that everyone has a different body type, body size and configuration. If you’re a little overweight, need to lose some pounds or just trying to tone up, you must reduce the fat on your body to get that great appearance. Lean is the key, think of that steak you brought home for dinner, you trim the fat before you cook it so that it looks better, cooks better, and tastes better! And so will you if you ”marinade” yourself with a good diet, exercise, and all-natural fat-burning supplements from Omega Soul. Ideally you want your body fat percentage to be 21%-24% if you’re a woman, and 14%-17% if you’re a man. If body fat is in that range or lower you will enjoy your appearance no matter what you see on the scale, so get rid of it! Start taking your Omega Soul™ supplements, workout, eat right, burn fat and love your new and improved self.

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