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Metabolism Slow? Here are 5 Steps to Make it Go!

  |  Chris

Metabolism is the name of the process that converts what you consume into the energy you use. It’s a biochemical process in which the calories you consume are combined with oxygen to release the energy that your body needs to function.

Your metabolism is one of the body’s most delicate processes, and there are several factors that can influence whether or not it’s inspiring image 65running effectively. Not only do you want your metabolism running smoothly for health reasons, it’s also important to rev it up so you can  lose weight. Some of the factors that determine whether or not you have a slower metabolism are simply out of your control i.e. your sex, age, body size and composition. But don’t give up, you can give it the boost it needs. Let’s examine how you might rev up your metabolism to keep you on the path to a thinner, healthier you.

→    Age

Your age plays a significant role as to why your metabolism may be slow. As we get older the amount of muscle mass decreases and the amount of weight we have from fat increases, slowing the metabolism. In addition, as we get older we become less active or tend not to exercise at all.

→    Sex

Men generally have less body fat and more muscle at the same age and weight, and because muscle burns more calories than fat, women often have to work a little harder to get the same weight reduction results. 

→    Body size and composition

People who are larger in size or stature or who have lots of muscle mass will burn more calories naturally, even while resting.

Those are the uncontrollable reasons your metabolism maybe lower than you would like, but they can be overcome. Raising your metabolism is not as difficult as you might think, here are 5 simple ways to boost your metabolism and get you on the path to losing weight.

        1.    Drink more water:

Drinking more water causes the body to burn calories by heating it up to body temperature. Six cups of cold water per day equates to about 5 pounds a year.

        2.    Eat More Often:

The myth is that you need to starve yourself to lose weight, when it’s actually quite the contrary. When your body doesn’t get the proper amount of calories per day it slows your metabolism to compensate. Eating 5 or 6 “mini meals” per day (as opposed to 3 overfilling meals) will keep your metabolism revved and burning calories all day.

        3.    Protein:

Protein is essential to maintain lean muscle mass, which burns more calories than fat. Protein also forces your body to use more energy, burning more calories to break the protein down for digestion.

        4.    Spice It Up:

You might get up to a 20% increase in your metabolism simply by eating chili peppers! Sprinkle red pepper flakes or add chilies to any meal to get a boost to your metabolism. Capsaicin is a compound in red pepper that boosts your body’s production of heat and activity level, so it temporarily revs your metabolism.

        5.    Eat Breakfast:

The so called most important meal of the day is exactly that, important. By eating breakfast you wake your metabolism from the nights fasting, and it helps to keep it revved up throughout the day. Research shows that women who do not eat breakfast are 4.5 times more likely to be obese.

By no means are these the only ways to boost your metabolism, but they are some of best, and the easiest. You can also boost it by high intensity interval training, eating organic, get enough sleep, drinking green tea, and eating more fiber. However you do it, Do it! When you boost your metabolism and keep it revved up you will feel noticeably more energetic, and you’ll smile as you watch the weight start to melt away.


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