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Integrating Power Yoga Into Your Workout Routine

  |  Sarah Fields

If you’re looking to improve your overall level of fitness and add more variety to your workout sessions, considering power yoga is a great way to go. Power yoga adds a totally new and innovative form of exercise to the mix if you have been typically doing classical cardiovascular training and weight lifting. As more and more people make the switch over to power yoga, they fall in love with all the benefits it has to offer. But, as you decide to get started with your power yoga classes, you need to learn how to integrate them properly into your overall workout program. Let’s look at a few of the main things that you need to know.

Remember To Assess Total Time Off

The very first thing that you’ll definitely need to make sure you’re doing is assessing the total time you are taking off each week. It’s easy to get wrapped up in doing a number of different forms of exercise and as you do, starting to exercise each and every day during the week. Remember that your body does need some time off for rest and recuperation each week as well. If you aren’t giving it this time off, you aren’t going to be building the body back up stronger than it was before and this means that you won’t be making the progress that you had hoped you would. Always assess your schedule and make sure that you have at least one day off to rest, preferably two if you can manage it. If you can’t bring yourself to take two days off, at least have one or two days of lighter exercise included in your workout week.

poweryogaAlternate Between Strength Training And Power Yoga

Second, you’ll want to consider alternating between strength training and power yoga. Since power yoga is going to work the body in a similar manner as strength training, you don’t want to put a strength workout immediately after a power yoga session or you will be risking over training in doing so. You’ll always want to have at least 48 hours of rest between the two workout sessions, so you should consider using a day on/day off set-up. Then on the days between, you can include some lighter cardio training.

Use A Full Body Weight Training Approach

Finally, as you go about structuring those weight lifting workouts, make sure that you consider using a full body approach. A full body approach will be best because it will minimize the amount of total time you have to spend in the weight room, thus maximizing the amount of time you can devote towards your power yoga. A full body approach also tends to enhance strength gains better since you’ll be working the muscles at a greater frequency level.

So there you have the key points to keep in mind as you integrate power yoga classes into your workout routine. It’s definitely a great form of exercise, but only if you are certain you are including it properly in your overall program plan.

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