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Eat Right Before Your Yoga Classes

  |  Sarah Fields

If you’re about to get started with yoga classes, one thing that you must make sure you’re doing is fueling your body properly beforehand. So many people aren’t making use of good nutrition as they go about their yoga sessions and as a result, they are not performing as well as they could be. Regardless of the variety of yoga classes that you’re doing, you still need to make sure that you are giving your body the nutrients that it needs. Let’s go over the main things that you need to know and remember about eating right, before your yoga classes.

eating-tips-before-yogaEat About An Hour To Two Hours Before

First, when it comes to meal timing before your yoga classes, you’ll want to eat about an hour to two before the class is set to begin. This will allow for enough total digestion time for the food to hit the blood stream, providing you the energy that you need to get through the yoga session. If you eat too close to your yoga classes, you may find that cramping and digestion issues become a problem and these could end up making the classes very uncomfortable.

Keep It LightWork Out Meal

Second, make sure that you keep your meal light. You don’t want to eat a very large meal before your yoga classes because it is not going to be conducive to bending into all the different positions that the class is going to call for. Aim to eat around 200-400 calories, definitely no more than that in the meal before you do your yoga classes. Most people will be best served making it a light snack if at all possible, having their full meal at least three to four hours earlier.

Go Easy On The Dietary Fats

Another thing to remember as you fuel up before your yoga classes is that you’ll want to go easy on the dietary fats as well. Dietary fats will take a lot longer to break down and digest in the body, so if you’re eating a fat rich meal before your yoga classes, this is definitely going to influence the way you feel as you go about the session. Keep the meal before the yoga classes protein and carbohydrate based instead. While fat is definitely a good addition to any sound diet plan if you choose healthy varieties in the right quantity. Before exercise however it is simply not ideal.

In addition to avoiding high amounts of dietary fat, you’ll also want to avoid high doses of fiber as well, which can have similar effects. So there you have the key points to keep in mind regarding fueling your body right as you go about preparing for yoga classes. Think hard about your pre-yoga snack as it will influence not only the performance you give during the session but also how fast you recover after it’s completed as well.

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