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Differences Between A Yoga Mat And A Pilates Mat

  |  Sarah Fields

If you’re about to get started with some yoga classes, realizing the differences between a yoga mat and a pilates mat will be important so that you can make the correct selection as you go about your shopping. Some people have strong preferences for one over the other, so by taking the time to realize the ways they differ, you can feel confident you are making the smart choice.

Let’s have a look at what you need to know.

Yoga MatYoga Mat

When doing yoga classes or watching yoga online, you are going to be doing a series of poses, moving the body around the mat as you transition from pose to pose.

In addition to this, you will often be bending into positions that require balancing on your hands and feet, so you’ll need to have a surface area to work on that provides greater overall traction.yoga_pose This is precisely how yoga mats are developed. They are a more sticky variation of mat, which will help you maintain good grip ensuring you don’t slip as you move into each new position that you execute as you go about the session. If you use a mat that has poor traction, you’re going to find it’s much more challenging to complete each exercise and not only that, you may also put yourself at a much greater risk of injury as well. If you slide into a poor position in one of your poses, this could instantly put great strain on your spinal column and could cause serious lower back pain to develop as a result. Yoga mats are typically composed out of latex, bamboo, cotton, or rubber and can range in thicknesses from 3 to 6 mm.

Pilates Mat

A pilates mat on the other hand doesn’t need to have nearly the degree of ‘stickiness’ as the yoga mat does as you will be lying on your back for the most part throughout the class. Pilates mats are going to typically be a lot thicker than a yoga mat due to the fact you are lying on it the entire session and will want that thickness there for greater comfort. Pilates mats are typically made from rubber or foam, so that’s another key difference that distinguishes them from the yoga mat.

Furthermore, pilates mats may be slightly larger in overall size as well since the body will be stretched out at times while doing your session, this is often not the case with yoga. The pilates mat, while thicker, must also be quite firm so that you are able to sustain balance during the training session.

So there you have the key differences between a yoga mat and a pilates mat. By taking thickness, stickiness, size, as well as mat material into account while looking at a few of the mat variations available you can ensure that you are making a wise decision as you select one.

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