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Changing your Lifestyle for Weight-loss

  |  Chris

In the United States of America 30% of our citizens are considered obese and 6 out of 10 say they want to lose weight. With so many people wanting to lose weight, it’s time to stop wanting and start doing and the beginning of the doing process starts with changing your lifestyle. A dramatic change is not necessary, it’s just a slight adjustment to how you’re doing things now. Millions have tried and few have succeeded, so let’s not try anymore of the same old starvation diets and counting points programs, let’s change to a lifestyle that is conducive to losing and keeping the weight off. You might be amazed at what you can accomplish by adjusting your mindset, where & how you shop and changing a small part of your weekly routine.


Your mindset is the single most important thing when it comes to losing weight. Take the old adage to heart “if you believe it, you can achieve it”, and that is truly the best frame of mind to have when embarking on a healthy weight loss program. It’s not only setting your mind to it, it’s Believing it! You must believe that you are capable of living healthier and losing the extra fat for good and also be confident in knowing it’s just a matter of time. That positive mindset will ultimately keep you on track to reach your goals. Know this: you can turn all of the negative obstacles in your way into positives, with the right mindset.

Cravings? These will start to become humorous, because you’ll understand that they’re your bodies’ way of fighting back and being angry at you for making it work harder to produce fat. Hunger pains? Again your body is angry and crying out like a child. And just like a child you have to take control and let it know you’re in charge and that it can’t always get what it wants. We discipline our children to learn these lessons, so why not do the same with your body? You can train yourself to not crave certain foods by giving your body substitutes. Try chewing gum when you get a craving, or taking a walk or eating a healthy alternative like fruit. Your body is a smart well-oiled machine and it may take a little time but it will understand that things like fatty, sugary foods are not part of the program anymore. So laugh at those cravings and enjoy the fact that you’re in charge, and that positive mindset will keep you on track to weight-loss success!

Where you Shop

The second life style change is all about shopping. To most of us this is a tedious chore. However, lets try to change the thought process for this mundane task. Since the rise of mega department stores i.e. Walmart and the like, we’ve gotten use to buying everything in one store. While that sounds like a good idea, it severely limits our options, not to mention breathing the same recycled air and fighting through the crowds and those incredibly long lines. Shopping for your healthy weight-loss foods at a produce stand or the ever present farmers market can have several benefits: no crowds, fresh air, healthy choices, and you won’t be tempted by aisle after aisle of sugary concoctions and processed foods. At the produce stands you’ll be outside strolling along getting exercise and be able to choose the freshest foods available. You’ll also be able to peacefully select new fruits and vegetables that you may not have considered before with the expertise of the proprietor on hand, not to mention fresh fish and meats to add to your diet. Think of shopping at a farmers market as choosing to lose weight, it should be a peaceful pleasurable shopping experience. It should be something you look forward to, a relaxing time with positive thoughts because you’ve decided to lose weight by eating the freshest and healthiest foods you can find.

Weekly Routine

Weekly routines, we all have them and we all need them; they incorporate all of those things that must be accomplished in order to live a happy productive life. If you want weight-loss to be a part of your life you need to add it to the routine. Just like the kids soccer practice, your hair appointment, and picking up the dry cleaning, some form of exercise will need to be included into that routine. If we think of it in terms of a regular appointment you’ll be more likely to follow through. Your weekly routine should involve rigorous exercise at least 5 times a week for 30 minutes. (If you’ve never exercised before or have not exercised in years you need to consult with your doctor first.) Exercise and weight loss go hand in hand to reach that ultimate body transformation you desire. Exercise is a must for effective weight loss and healthy living! You must take those walks or bike rides with the kids, chase the dogs, do something, and make it a part of your weekly routine. There are lots of things you can do: when you’re at soccer practice with the kids, walk around the field; if you are out of bread walk to the store; or just take a dance class. You have to commit to some form of activity for the good of your weight-loss goals. It all has to be a part of your weekly routine, think of it as scheduling your appointment to be thin!

Healthier Happier Lifestyle

By changing your mindset, where you shop and your weekly routine you can positively affect your weight-loss and healthy living goals. These three changes along with a fat burning supplement from Omega Soul will put you on the right path to achieving your goal. Remember, with a positive mindset, shopping at the right places (for the right foods), and including exercise into your weekly routine (just move more) you’ll find that you can live a happier healthier life.


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