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Best Yoga Source – Proper Equipment

  |  Sarah Fields

As you go about getting started with yoga, you’ll want to make sure that you find the best yoga equipment to purchase.  Having the right type of equipment for your yoga classes will be essential so that you’re not only able to perform optimally, but also so that you can help to reduce your injury risk as well. Using poor yoga equipment that’s either not designed properly or is not of high quality could significantly hamper your ability to perform some of the movements called for by the yoga classes you do, so this isn’t something to take lightly.

Let’s compare and contrast three different types of yoga mats available so that you can see the main differences between them. Remember that an ideal yoga mat will be relatively sticky, a good size, ¼ – 1/8 inch thick depending on the floor you’re practicing on, lightweight, and comfortable to use.

MatsManduka Mats

The first variation of yoga mats that you may come across is the Manduka mats available. These are a relatively higher quality mat and provides for quite a comfortable experience. This mat is typically deep cushioned and has a non-stick bottom that makes it ideal for those who are serious about their yoga classes. The biggest drawback to this variation of yoga mats is the weight of it. They can come in as heavy as seven pounds, which makes it not as ideal for carrying around as you attend your yoga classes. Furthermore, it’s going to provide a bit of a bulkier feel as you use it, therefore some people are turned away from this. Others however find that it feels sturdier, so these people will actually prefer it over others.

Jade Mats

Jade mats are the second variation of yoga mats and have a lower price point than the Manduka mats mentioned above. These are created with tree rubber and are often a more popular choice for people to use as they go about their yoga classes. Most find that they love the stability that these mats provide along with their very sticky nature, which provides a great working experience as you use them. At the same time however, some people complain for more flowing styles of yoga the stickiness that they present is actually not ideal at all, so they tend to shy away from them because of it.

Our Mats

Finally, we have improved upon both of the above listed mats and have a product one that offers all the unique features that someone doing yoga classes will need, allowing for superior performance and optimal comfort. Our mats are 6 mm thick and come in a size of 180 X 61 cm, which is a good fit for most people. Unless you are overly tall or short, this will provide a great working surface to perform your yoga on. Our mats are also made with an anti-slip material and don’t give off the PVC smell that most other mats do.

So there you have some of the key factors to keep in mind about the yoga mat varieties available. Make sure that you think carefully about this purchase as it will influence how you feel during your yoga classes.

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