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The Many Health Benefits of Green Coffee Bean Extract

  |  Sarah Fields


Every Year millions of people spend their time, energy and money searching for weight loss supplements without a thorough understanding of what they provide. This article is a review of all the weight loss benefits as well as health benefits of Green Coffee Bean Extract. Green Coffee Bean has become wildly popular due to its effective fat loss ability; however most people have yet to realize that fat loss is only a part of its many benefits.

Why “green coffee bean” extract? All coffee beans start off as green and during the cooking process the beans turn brown. The roasting of the coffee bean removes most of the helpful components of the coffee, therefore the active compound that assists weight loss is removed just before this processing of the all-natural green coffee bean.

The weight loss that the green coffee bean provides stems from the oxidation within your fat cells. The main ingredient that affects this is chlorogenic acid (CGA), which is up to 45% in the green coffee bean. The chlorogenic acid absorbs oxygen radicals as well as assisting in the removal of other radicals such as hydroxyl. It has also been found that through the oxidation process in the fatty tissues that chlorogenic acid increases metabolism which increases the rate at which you burn fat, and in turn helps you lose weight. Contrary to popular belief the stimulant caffeine does not boost metabolism to any great degree and does not help you burn fat. Green Coffee Bean Extract, however, boosts metabolism and greatly assists weight loss.

benefits of green coffee

Antioxidants in the green coffee bean extract are extremely beneficial because they cleanse unhealthy toxins from your fat tissues and allow them to be burned as energy. This antioxidant effect also fights free radicals which contribute to cell degradation, illness and signs of aging. In addition, they provide cancer fighting attributes, help lower blood pressure and lower bad cholesterol, which goes a long way help fight cardiovascular disease and heart problems.

For most people, weight loss is the number one reason for taking Green Coffee Bean Extract, however the abundant amount of other health benefits are undeniable. These benefits will undoubtedly continue to increase the popularity of this potent extract. Organic and all natural with no known negative side effects makes it an excellent option for people who want to lose weight, maintain their body fat or simply live a much healthier lifestyle.

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