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The Link Between Green Coffee Beans and Diabetes

  |  Sarah Fields


In the United States alone approximately 25 million or 8% of the population have diabetes, and 1.9 million more Americans are newly diagnosed each year. With the growing number of diabetics it is crucial to find a ways of controlling this devastating disease. Type 2 diabetes is generally caused by being overweight, sedentary behavior and bad eating habits. While changing your eating habits is a challenging yet doable prospect to control your diabetes, slimming down and losing weight maybe the most difficult. Green Coffee Bean Extract is an organic and all natural way of helping you deal with your diabetes through losing weight and controlling your sugar production.

Green coffee bean extract has a chemical component known as chlorogenic acid (CGA) which in the latest clinical reports has been shown to reduce the chemical in the liver which promotes sugar production, this is very exciting news for diabetics. If sugar production can be reduced, then blood sugar levels can be controlled. And that’s not the primary use for the extract; it’s just an awesome byproduct!



The CGA in green coffee bean extract is also a powerful antioxidant that assists in oxidizing fat tissues and boosting metabolism which helps with fat loss. The effects of diabetes can be significantly reduced by weight loss, one of the main reasons for green coffee bean’s popularity. It’s also why Dr. Oz and his renowned contemporary Dr. Lindsay highlighted the extract on his program. Studies have shown that if you reduce your body weight by 10 percent it might help to reduce dependence on diabetic pills and/or reduce your insulin, a great benefit for anyone suffering from this debilitating disease.


Weight loss


Even though the green coffee bean extract is an organic and all natural supplement, you should consult your pharmacist or medical professional before taking this or any supplement, especially if you have diabetes or any other health problems. There are no known side effects with this extract; however diabetic cases do differ from person to person.

More energy, lowering excess fat, minimizing your overall body weight and oxidizing fat tissues are all health benefits that hundreds of thousands of people are enjoying from use of this product. Making diabetes more controllable by assisting in the regulation of all the levels of glucose as well as lowering blood pressure and bad cholesterol are also huge additional benefits of this extract that you will not see in most other dietary supplements. Dropping the weight without having to put your body in danger is essential, and this organic all-natural risk-free extract helps you to lower your weight and become a healthier person so you can maintain a better quality of life. 

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