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Research studies on Green Coffee Bean Extract

  |  Sarah Fields


Green Coffee Bean Extract has become extremely popular due to the endorsement by Dr Oz, which triggered a media craze. Another reason for its popularity was a study validating its remarkable weight loss effect.

The study was conducted in 2012. Each of the sixteen people chosen for the study was obese, having a BMI between 25-30%. A 700 milligram placebo was given to one group of people while the other group was given green coffee bean extract.


The participants were told to consume plenty of water while taking the placebo or green coffee bean extract thirty minutes before dinner every day. These individuals were also told to engage in moderate exercise daily and to be sure that their daily highest calorie intake did not exceed 2400. During the duration of the twenty-two week study, the study group taking the green coffee bean extract dropped ten percent body mass. In Italy, research on mice has produced similar outcomes. This clinical data along with many positive reports from individuals who have seen greatly improved weight loss results certainly validates the efficacy of green coffee bean extract.

Because green coffee bean extract is a natural compound it is not categorized under the United States Food and Drug Administration as a pharmaceutical medication so it does not require FDA approval as such. However, Omega Soul’s Green Coffee Bean Extract is a 100% pure and natural product manufactured under FDA guidelines and in FDA approved facilities for your safety.

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