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Green Coffee Bean: CGA or Svetol?

  |  Sarah Fields


Green Coffee refers to the organic, unroasted grains of the coffee fruit. These beans are cleansed, dried, roasted, smashed, and made for regular coffee. Researchers have shown that Green Coffee Bean Extract helps weight reduction and has many other wellness benefits. There are two major Green Coffee Bean Extract supplements available, Svetol and CGA.

Svetol or CGA

At Omega Soul we don’t follow the Green Coffee Bean hype, so we do not use the popular Svetol in our product. This is because we strive to be completely organic with our products in order to provide you safe and effective benefits from the plant.

Green Coffee BeanWhat is Sevtol?


Svetol can be defined as an artificial additive used in coffee, mints, and chewing gum. Dried out sunflower components gathered right after it flowers are fine-tuned into 98.39 % chlorogenic acid extract which is exactly what Svetol Green Coffee Bean Extract is made of. The most well-known undesirable effect of Green Coffee Bean Extract with Svetol is the sleep disorders such as insomnia. An additional possible side-effect of consuming Green Coffee Beans with Svetol is an upset stomach and regurgitating. You can expect to feel sick every once in a while if you take too much of this product. As a result of the degree of caffeine included, you can likewise experience nausea.

Everything about CGA


Svetol Green Coffee Bean Extract includes only 45.9 % chlorogenic acids, while Omega Soul’s version is 50% chlorogenic acid. Comparably, the CGA at 50% (the highest grade available) is superior and better for your health, experts in botanical medicine all agree, higher purity is safer. Our green coffee bean extract is entirely 100 % naturally produced and made use of in precisely the same way it has been for hundreds of years in Goah, India where green coffee beans came from.


Because of highly bioactive ingredients in CGA Green Coffee Bean Extract there is a large amount of health benefits aside from fat loss. Among the leading benefits associated with chlorogenic acid is that it aids blood pressure and lowers cholesterol.

Green Coffee Extract is also a powerful antioxidant which defends the body against free radicals. Free radicals are elements within tissues that partly control aging and tissue degeneration. Anti-oxidants interact with free radicals to stop this damage in our cells.

In addition to fat burning, Green Coffee Bean Extract with GCA is also an excellent supplement for your wellness. Green coffee beans have been shown to reduce blood glucose levels in the body which can help increase weight loss. Green Coffee Bean Extract is a healthy and balanced dietary supplement and has no major negative side effects.

Who should take Green Coffee Bean Extract?

It is completely safe for the majority of healthy people over 18 who are interested in slimming down. It should never be used by pregnant women or breast feeding mothers. Considering that the extract is relatively new and there is virtually no evaluation of its impact on children, they should not be allowed to take it. Nor should you take it if you are intolerant to coffee or caffeine.


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