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Exactly what is the Recommended Dose for Green Coffee Bean Extract?

  |  Sarah Fields

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Green Coffee Bean Extract is produced by many businesses; however, the quality of extract available varies widely. If you shop around you will see some are sold for $10 a bottle while others are selling for $50 a bottle and most of those businesses suggest a different amount per serving of the extract as well. There are many manufacturers that have only 200-400mg of the extract per tablet. Some people see results taking 400mg three times a day—the recommended dosage is 800mg twice a day in order to get maximum results to reach fat burning weight-loss goals.

Green Coffee Bean Dose

It’s important to find an extract that is 50% chlorogenic acid (CGA), it has been found that a number of the products on the market have less than 45%, so be sure and do your research. Chlorogenic acid is the active compound; it’s responsible for your body not receiving an overabundance of sugar from the foods you consume. It also boosts your metabolic rate allowing you to burn more body fat. So make certain you’re getting the proper extract purity (50% chlorogenic acid) in your green coffee bean extract.

What does Green Coffee Bean Extract consist of?

Make sure the green coffee bean extract is organic and all natural and does not contain any added chemicals or unnatural fillers. The extract will contain a natural level of caffeine; about 20mg per 800mg capsule which is equivalent to about a half cup of coffee. No additional caffeine is needed in a green coffee bean extract formulation.

Medical pills

We suggest sticking to the proper dosage to ensure the best results when dieting and using this product. The dosage is 800mg twice daily based on a 2,000 calorie diet. You should take the capsules 30 minutes before your breakfast and lunch. Also you should consume an 8oz cup of water with each capsule and stay hydrated throughout the day to see the best results.

Consuming the proper amount of calories and moderate exercise along with an organic all natural top quality supplement such as Omega Soul’s Green Coffee Bean Extract will allow you to quickly achieve your weight-loss goal.


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