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Does Green Coffee Bean Extract Really Work?

  |  Sarah Fields

With the growing popularity of supplements it’s important that consumers educate themselves about uses, side effects and the basics of how the supplements they’re taking work. Green coffee bean extract can assist you in your slimming and trimming efforts with no side effects, but it’s good to know how it works. The following article has been put together to help you understand the specifics of this effective supplement.

Green Coffee bean extract does have a small amount of caffeine; nevertheless this is not what enables you to shed pounds. The majority of green coffee bean manufacturers vary from twenty to fifty milligrams of caffeine per recommended dose, less than a cup of coffee. Although this amount of caffeine may help a bit with energy, chlorogenic acid is the actual key to the green coffee bean extract weight loss performance.

 Right for weight lossA standard cup of coffee has the majority of its chlorogenic acid removed during the roasting process, which is the main reason why an ordinary cup of coffee does not work like the green coffee bean extract does. Besides increasing your metabolic rate for a short period of time, there is very little fat loss benefit in a regular cup of coffee.

Chlorogenic acid helps the body reduce fat tissue. This process continues provided that you keep consuming the product as stated by the manufacturer, the fat loss benefit begins soon after consumption. It’s important to note that increasing your dose is not going to boost the outcome for this supplement; therefore more is not really better, it’s best to stick to your recommended amount.


It’s crucial to ensure that there aren’t any additives in the green coffee bean extract you choose and that it’s natural, organic and 100% pure because, unfortunately, there are unscrupulous manufacturers that sell inferior extracts at low cost in an attempt to cash in on green coffee bean’s current popularity. Don’t buy into these cheap brands, the tradeoff is your health and well-being—a dollar or two savings is not worth it. Organic and genuine green coffee bean extract from Omega Soul will provide you with the very best benefits without any health risk.

Weight reduction is only the beginning, green coffee bean extract is also a very powerful appetite suppressant, this will enable you to steer clear of snacking on off-limit foods by providing you with a mild feeling of fullness.

As the chlorogenic acid is reducing weight, it additionally helps you with elevated natural levels of energy throughout the day, this energy shows that the product is functioning and getting rid of your fat tissues. Higher energy levels can also help you stick to an exercise program and encourage higher activity level, both of which will help further your fat loss.

If you want the best green coffee bean extract, with the purest extract and most effective weight loss available, buy Omega Soul’s Green Coffee Bean Extract, manufactured in a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and FDA certified facility for your safety.


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