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A Quick Background on Green Coffee Beans

  |  Sarah Fields

Green Coffee Bean Extract is becoming increasingly popular, it’s been featured on television shows, in internet articles and pamphlets as a weight loss supplement. Of course we know that the coffee plant itself has been utilized for centuries as a means to boost energy levels. The indigenous people who first cultivated it had no idea that an extract within would later be used for weight loss.

The people in regions where it is produced would chew on the leaves and the fruit of the coffee plant to get more energy to keep working. All coffee plants produce this fruit or berry and within this berry is the green seed. The green coffee bean is actually the seed of the plant, and all coffee beans are green and not until they’re roasted does it become brown. Before it is roasted however, the main weight loss component of the green coffee bean extract, chlorogenic acid, is removed. As with cooking any plant, most of the valuable vitamins and minerals are lost during the heating process.

Icoffee fruitn the last fifty years or so many green coffee bean supplements have been marketed in hundreds of health and wellness or whole food stores around the world. It’s usually called green coffee extract, or sometimes chlorogenic acid (CGA), it’s only recently that this supplement has become so sought after when more of its health benefits and weight loss properties were known.

It’s imperative that you make sure that you purchase 100% pure green coffee bean extract, in order to get all the health and weight loss benefits. The reason being is that this product is not governed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration because it is an organic all natural supplement and not a regulated pharmaceutical medicine. This leaves it open to unscrupulous manufacturers who promote inferior extracts from unreliable and sometimes dangerous raw materials in order to save money. Beware of cheap green coffee bean extracts, saving a dollar is not worth risking your health.

On the internet you can find an abundance of manufacturers selling the supplement. If you purchase green coffee bean extract on the web, make sure that the product is organic, highest potency (50% CGA) and manufactured in an FDA certified facility. Also, many of these producers offer their own diet plan to assist you with your weight loss goals. Just remember organic and all natural is the way to go when it comes to herbal supplements.


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