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5 Incredible Benefits of Green Coffee Beans

  |  Sarah Fields


Green coffee bean extract is made of pure raw green coffee beans. It’s recently become a very popular weight loss tool after clinical trials showed it to have a very effective body fat reducing ability. Although weight reduction is the most popular aspect of this supplement there are many other health advantages as well.

The Wellness Advantages of Pure Green Coffee Beans

1.) Maintains Sugar Levels

Pure Green Coffee Beans blood sugar reduction mechanism has to do with its reducing glucose-6-phosphate. This particular enzyme is produced in your liver. By reducing this compound, the liver concurrently minimizes the release of glucose into your circulatory system.

Benefits of Green Coffee Bean

2.) Increases Energy

Despite the fact that a lot of people use brewed coffee, energy dinks, and sodas to boost their stamina, the natural and metabolic rate increasing effects of this supplement is a much better option. Green coffee bean extract gives you absolutely no crash effect but maintains energy throughout the day. It provides the cells with the boost of energy they require to perform at their peak, while also helping the body to burn fat.

3.) Fat Burning

Green coffee bean extract improves metabolic rate which results in fat loss. In a study of the extracts weight loss effects, two groups were given either green coffee bean extract or a placebo. After 22 weeks, the green coffee bean group showed an average of 18 pounds weight loss per individual while the placebo group showed no significant changes. Other scientific research has shown similar outcomes. Enhanced dieting and exercise can of course bring about even better results than this study; some individuals have had much quicker weight loss effects.


4.) Minimizes Cholesterol Levels

The Chlorogenic acid present in the extract serves as a powerful antioxidant in your body. It’s also responsible for minimizing harmful levels of homocysteine within the blood stream and reduces LDL cholesterol, which can help reduce risk for heart disease.


5.) Reduces Hypertension


Part of its blood pressure lowering effect has to do with its ability to reduce excess weight. A study was carried out that indicated a noticeable difference in hypertension degrees which were directly linked to the amount taken. Greater results were seen with greater amount consumed.


The Optimal Quantity of Green Bean Extract

The recommended dose is based on the desired effect. For dropping weight, the recommended amount is 800mg twice per day. The suggested serving for decreasing hypertension and cholesterol is 185mg per day. No negative side effects have been documented from taking these dosages of pure green coffee bean extract. 

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