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New Commitment=New You

  |  Chris

inspiring image 63To get anything in life you must first commit to it. You commit to your house by making the mortgage payment every month. You commit to your car by making the insurance payment. You commit to your children by saving for their college education. But committing to a new and healthier lifestyle always seems to be more difficult. Keep in mind though that just like those important commitments above, anything in life that’s worthwhile is possible. So commit to that New You and become a thinner, healthier and happier person.

All of the things we do in life have a direct effect on our health and weight, and if health and weight-loss is your goal, you have to make a conscious decision to commit to the change. Decide for yourself right now as to whether or not you can be completely on board with the New You.

To get there we must first cast aside the old habits we’ve been dragging around for many years, they vary from person to person but we all have them–bad habits such as sedentary living, no exercise, eating junk food, sweets & sodas, eating late at night or not eating at all, and succumbing to the stresses of life.  All of these habits and many more can lead to weight gain and bad health. But remember, you didn’t acquire these habits overnight; and you won’t rid yourself of these boat anchors in a couple of weeks and suddenly become thin. It’s going to take time and that all important commitment. Unfortunately, there’s no magic pill for health and weight loss; but fortunately there is OmegaSoul.

Along with fat burning supplements from OmegaSoul and committing yourself to gradually tweaking your lifestyle, you will become that thinner, healthier picture of yourself you’ve been dying to see.

Losing weight is not easy; if it were we’d all be thin. But if you make losing weight and getting healthy a conscious choice, you’ll be acutely aware of the bad habits, which can help steer you in the right direction until you eventually accomplish that all-important body transformation. Understand that you don’t need to change overnight, you just need to do better than before. If you accomplish this, it’ll be the start of what is essential to be the New You.

In a nutshell, we’re talking about confidence that you can follow through and accomplish the mission to become a better, thinner, healthier version of yourself. Here at Omega Soul we want to instill the confidence in you that you can change your life and become the New You!

inspiring image 64 That’s why we’ve created the Start Something New Program, it’s a program created by the Omega Soul Nutrition Team designed to give you a good knowledge base, valuable tools, and the 1 on 1 coaching to instill confidence that you can and will achieve your weight-loss and healthy life style goals.

The Start Something New Program

  • The Start Something New 1500 Calorie 7 Day Meal Plan
  • The Start Something New Weight Loss Guide (eBook)
  • The Omega Soul Yoga Membership
  • 1 coaching session with The Omega Soul nutrition team
  • 1-2 week follow up call

This program is designed and created by people who care and are motivated to see you become the person you want to be. At Omega Soul we’re committed to offering pure and potent supplements that work, and we want you to know we have a fantastic staff of people who will work tirelessly to bring out the best you possible! With the confidence, the know how, the correct supplements and the support you won’t fail, because we won’t fail you! So make your commitment to be the NEW YOU!

If you would like to be a part of the “Start Something New Program” please click the link on the top right side of the page or contact us and we’ll get you signed up. Welcome to the OmegaSoul family!  

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