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The Fat Burning Ability of the Human Body

  |  Sarah Fields


We’ve all seen the countless claims on television, the internet, in books and magazines about miracle weight loss products and services. These claims are so well written and the commercials are produced so wonderfully that they entice us into spending millions of dollars on products—most that just don’t work. The truth is there are only two ways of burning fat, and they are: moving more and consuming fewer calories. By exercising more and eating several small meals with fewer calories you will increase your ability to burn fat.

One of the biggest misconceptions is that we can transform excess fat into muscle mass. That is just not possible; fat cannot be changed into muscle as they are two extremely different types of body tissue. There are a variety of misconceptions about how the body utilizes calories from fat deposits, but the fact remains that each individual person burns calories at different rates. Also, it is clinically proven that men burn calories quicker than women and children burn them quicker than adults.

That being said increasing your metabolic rate is a technique that anyone can use to enhance your weight loss characteristics. Your excess body fat will become the main target whenever your body begins looking for extra energy because of calorie restriction or extra activity, this is what promotes weight loss, induced and enhanced by the metabolic process. Muscle tissue is the main part of your body that requires calories, when you have more fat than muscle it makes it more difficult for the body to maintain a higher metabolic process. Muscle cells and your internal organs require a certain amount of energy for maintenance but this can change depending on activity level; excess fat on the other hand under normal calorie consumption and no metabolic rate increase (no exercising or calorie intake change) could sit for years and will actually increase over time as you get older.

Burn Fat

There are some options for increasing your metabolic rate and thereby speeding up weight loss. You could use supplements which will certainly burn off fat and supply extra anti-oxidation attributes which will allow you to create additional lean muscle mass. But moving more and eating less in conjunction with the proper supplementation is the most effective option to help you obtain your weight loss goals.

What most of us believe about how the body burns fat has been grossly misinterpreted, although it is rather simple: a combination of all natural supplements, healthy eating and exercise will increase metabolism and lead to weight loss. So remember, regardless of how many sit-ups, push-ups, or jumping jacks you do, you will not burn off that excess fat unless you achieve a higher metabolic rate. 

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