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8 Tips for Weight Loss Success with All-natural Supplements from Omega Soul

  |  Sarah Fields


1.) The Right Attitude

In order to start and be successful with a weight-loss journey you need to believe in yourself and know that you can make this journey a successful one. Also it is a must to make a commitment to the time and the maximum the effort it’ll require to achieve your objective. Prepare yourself to make lifelong changes to realize and maintain your weight-loss goals. Keep yourself free from the stresses in life because they will change your attitude and hinder your efforts. Be truthful and real with yourself to positively identify all of the things and the people that cause the stress in your life and manage them appropriately. These things not managed properly will cause you lots of tension and then trigger emotional overeating.

2.) Stay with your Program

We know how difficult it is to begin a weight-loss journey but it is infinitely more difficult to stick with your program long term. You are the only one in charge so you must hold yourself accountable at all times. Staying with the program is the only way in which to attain your goals. You must take responsibility and be inspired to resist temptation and celebrate each goal every time!

Go for it3.) Set Short-term Realistic Goals

As you begin your journey it’s a good idea to set your goals, the key is to make them realistic and achievable. Not setting achievable goals will hurt you two-fold. First of all you will not accomplish them and second that will cause you to be depressed and possibly trigger emotional eating. Losing 10-15lbs per week is not a realistic goal however losing 2-5lbs a week is, remember you did not gain the weight in one week so it will not go away in a week. Stay away from the scale as it will only discourage you, instead go try on those old jeans and once they fit again then try the scale. There are plenty of other goals to set as well; can you touch your toes? How hard is it to climb those stairs now? Can you pick up the kids and swing them around without being out of breath? So set smart goals and burst with excitement when you accomplish them!!

4.) Exercise

We have heard it all before, exercise, exercise, exercise! While you don’t have to try and kill yourself you should do some in moderation. Nowadays everyone is too busy to exercise, but if you simply move more it will help, take the stairs instead of the elevator, take a longer walk with the dog, chase those kids and grandkids around the yard, every little bit helps. If you commit yourself to exercise 3 times a week for 20 minutes at a time keeping your heart rate above 160 beats per minute it will vastly improve your overall health and help you to lose those unwanted pounds.Weight loss

5.) Eat a Healthy Balanced Breakfast

One of the most typical misconceptions regarding slimming down is skipping meals and starving yourself. This will not help you lose weight, it will disrupt the bodies’ normal metabolism and will almost always lead you to overeating at your next meal. Why is breakfast so important? It’s the start of the day and your body needs the energy boost to plan out and accomplish all of the tasks you have set out for your day. Eating a healthy breakfast will also give you time to burn off those calories and help to prevent you from overeating at lunch or snacking in between. By eating a good breakfast it will hopefully prevent you from eating a big lunch and dinner. At these times most of us do not get a lot of physical activity we generally watch television, spend time on the computer or rest on the couch which of course does not burn a lot of calories.

6.) Healthy Food Choices and Preparation

On your weight-loss journey you need to include a reduction of your caloric intake. You don’t have to consume only nuts & berries just be a bit more selective and stay away from frying. You can achieve this by:

  1. A.     Eat more fruits and vegetables
  2. B.     Drinks lots of water
  3. C.     Reduce sugar, butter, and cream intake
  4. D.     Eat only lean red meat and white meats and fish
  5. E.     Prepare your meals by grilling, steaming, or poaching

7.) Eat in Moderation

Eating in moderation consists of simply cutting down your portions. We don’t want to take all of your favorites away from you, we just want you to eat less of them. Eating several smaller meals and a couple of healthy snacks will help you much more than eating 3 large meals a day and possibly “cheating” in between. Eating smaller meals and/or portions through the day will keep your metabolism working more efficiently thus helping you to lose weight. A pretty good judge is to ensure that nothing on your plate is larger than the backside of your fist.

8.) Making Behavioral Adjustments for Weight-Loss

Beginning a weight-loss journey is a big choice to make and you need to be prepared for the adjustments to your lifestyle. While these behavioral adjustments are not drastic, you still have to be committed to them. You don’t want to have cycle effect of losing and gaining it all back over and over. So simple changes in the way you live your life will get the weight off and help you keep it off. Losing weight and being healthier will make you feel better physically and mentally, so look at it as a wonderful journey to happier healthier lifestyle.Healthy life


Fad diets and weight-loss trends come and go, but these simple tips have stood the test of time. If you follow these tips alongside an all-natural weight-loss supplements from Omega Soul you shouldn’t have any problems losing and keeping off the weight you desire.




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