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7 Reasons for Weight-loss Failure

  |  Sarah Fields


1.) Being Mentally Unprepared


Starting your weight-loss journey can be a daunting task, especially if you haven’t prepared your mind for the task at hand. You have to be aware of what lies ahead, and if you’re aware, the challenges presented to you won’t be intimidating and you can minimize stress. You have to believe in your heart and know in your mind that it will be hard but that the goal will be accomplished.


2.) Lack of Dedication


Everyone has their own reasons for trying to lose weight. The question is, do you want to lose weight or do you intend to lose weight? Intend is the key word because you’ll need to have complete commitment on this weight reduction journey. A lot of people try to lose weight because dieting is the thing to do. Drop the weight for the right reasons and get yourself dedicated to your objective, that way there will be no excuses and no amount of temptation can sidetrack you from your goal.





3.) Making Unrealistic Goals




Setting goals of course is a must, but setting them too high or unrealistically high will only position you for a huge fall—which will only disappoint, and discourage you from accomplishing your goals. So set them at small intervals and celebrate each one on your way to weight-loss success. What good is accomplishing a goal if you can’t celebrate it? Write down everything so that you can track your progress toward achieving your objective and to look back when you’re feeling down. Do establish a long term goal but remember to enjoy the smaller ones in between.



4.) Impatience


Remind yourself as often as possible that you did not gain excess weight overnight and it will not be lost overnight. Don’t jump on the scale every day expecting miracles! Give yourself and your weight-loss regimen time to work. Do not let the scale be the only gauge as to whether you are burning fat. Relax, practice patience and allow yourself time to reap the complete benefits of your weight-loss journey.




5.) Erratic Eating


Skipping meals, starving yourself or eating on the run is a recipe for disaster for those who intend to lose weight. Irregular eating will wreak havoc on your body. Just like we all have a schedule at work to perform our jobs, your body needs a regular schedule to perform as well; even if burning fat is the job you want it to perform. You need to have a meal timetable and follow it daily. Schedule your meals as you would your hair appointment and stick to it. A simple 3 meals a day and two healthy snacks will keep your body performing at its peak and keep your metabolism working efficiently.


 6.) Inadequate Sleep and Rest


When your body doesn’t receive the sleep and rest it requires it will not perform properly and will not burn the fat we desire, thus not allowing you to accomplish your weight loss goals. The body compensates for rest making us feel the need to eat. Eating makes us mentally relaxed and gives us a false sense of rest. So get your sleep and don’t overeat.




7.) Resisting a Lifestyle Change


Some of us believe that a weight-loss journey is a short change in the way you live your life. It is not; the change has to be permanent so as to not gain the weight back. Once you lose the weight you don’t have to keep dieting but you do have to continue living a healthy lifestyle. The cycle of losing and gaining stems from going back to your old lifestyle and not sticking to what got you there in the first place. It will certainly be worth it to maintain your accomplished goals.


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