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Omega soul ™ is a company dedicated to the development and marketing of premium products as well as for the health and lifestyle of our customers.

Our Garcinia Cambogia, Green Coffee Extract, and our Raspberry Ketone supplements meet the highest standards for weight-loss and purity.

Our mission is to deliver top quality products made from organic all natural ingredients to our customers as efficiently as possible to ensure 100% satisfaction. Your satisfaction starts with our supplements because we gurantee the authenticity of our products and our satisfaction starts with the Start something New Program.

The Start Something New Program is a program brought to you by our nutrition team to ensure you receive everything you need in order to fulfill all of your weight-loss goals. The nutrition team at Omega Soul are at your service and are dedicated to all of the things that will help you on your journey to personal weight-loss success.

Start something New Program will feature: An Ebook Learning tool, a Yoga Membership, Meal Plans, a Nutrition Coach, not mention the rewards and discounts you’ll receive in the future.

Our goal is to enable our customers to live the longest healthiest quality of life far beyond our supplements. So Start Something New with Omega Soul and become the best you of your life.

Omega Soul (TM) is a division of Amapro Ltd. founded 2010 in Cyprus with its operational R&D headquarter in Nicosia, Cyprus.